Good mental health is a right and not a privilege


Our mission is to provide access to low-cost treatment for stress, anxiety and PTSD.

Our experiences' shape how our brain functions

SPHERE™ by Stress Point Health was born out of my personal diagnosis of PTSD. I understood first-hand through my mental health journey the barriers to receiving treatment. I wanted to look at the digital landscape to understand why, even with all the technology advancements at our disposal, mental health was still a growing problem.

I discovered Neurofeedback as an under-utilised treatment option that can effectively treat the underlying causes of mental health issues, and not just the symptoms. After reconnecting with the psychiatrist that helped me through my darkest days, Dr Michael Bott, we came up with the idea that Neurofeedback could be incredibly effective if digitised and offered to anyone through their smartphone.

Adding Dan Stevens to the team with his technical expertise, SPHERE™ became a reality, opening up much needed support to millions of people who suffer from stress, anxiety and PTSD. With SPHERE™, anyone can receive treatment safely at home, when they need it.

A private journey that does not require talking about a painful or traumatic event

Each session is guided, and the brain will adapt automatically to new healthier patterns

Can be used alongside any existing treatment plans, including medication

Good mental health starts with SPHERE™

Our team

Sheena Pirbhai


Sheena is passionate about making sure mental health treatment is accessible to all.

Dan Stevens


Dan believes in the power of technology to make people live happier, healthier and longer.

Dr. Michael Bott

Consultant Psychiatrist

Mike has always believed technology can improve patient psychiatric care. He has been a practising psychiatrist for over 30 years.

Maria Loupa

PR Consultant

Maria is focused on educating the market on disruptive technologies and their benefits through PR campaigns.